ZENOLITE Launches 4 new colors

With Zenolite becoming the material of choice among many designers and architects worldwide keeping up with the current market trends and listening to our client base is vital.

After extensive market research and feedback from customers, distributors and designers, 4 new colors have been added to the Zenolite pallet.

The four new colors are: Metallic Black, Rouge, Glacier and Blue Atoll. The new colors have a bolder look and would be ideal for creating feature walls in any commercial application, home or office.

The new Glacier color imitates the green edge and hue of traditional glass panels, whilst Rouge has a deeper vibrancy than our current Red. Blue Atoll takes advantage of design requests from our market and brings a touch of the Pacific to your next project and Metallic Black can be used where the metallic flecks add extra depth and light refraction to the surface.

We are very excited about the new color launch, and look forward to hearing more feedback.

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